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30 social media and digital marketing tasks for September

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Desktop with laptop, headphones, clipboard, and 'things to do' numbered sign with 'own today' written as the first task.
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If you work at a university, September is a busy month preparing for the arrival of new students. It is also a great time to press reset on some of your goals, or to try a new approach. We've come up with 30 tasks you can pick from, or complete them all if you feel ambitious. If you don't work in higher education, don't worry you can still join in.

The tasks are free or at minimal cost to you (e.g. a cup of coffee), we hope you can get involved with as many of these as possible.

30 tasks for September

We're kicking off the month with the first 14 tasks, you can follow along with daily prompts on our Twitter account as well.


1 September: Update your brand's social media profile bios

When did you last update the bios on your brands core social media profiles? Are the links current? What about campaign hashtags?

Task: Need some inspiration? Check out Sprout Social's blog 'How to craft an impactful Instagram bio for business'


2 September: Managing your digital wellbeing

It is not easy switching off when you work in social. Today's task is about self-awareness, how aware are you of the time you spend using apps on your phone or tablet? Well we're going to find out, record some stats, and reflect.

You can find your usage information in the digital wellbeing/screen time information on both Android and iOS.

Task: Take a record of your stats for the last seven days.


3 September: Set yourself a digital wellbeing goal for the rest of September

Let's reflect on your digital usage statistics from the previous task, could you use an app less or be more efficient with your time on it? Are you opening an app far too often? Do you use your phone too much in the evenings?

Task: set yourself an achievable goal of reducing your usage time (e.g. 25% reduction by 30 September).


4 September: Follow UCAS on TikTok

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, more commonly known as UCAS, have joined TikTok. Get to know Amy and Nicole, the faces of the channel.

Task: Follow @ucas_online on TikTok.


5 September: Claim your brand name on new social platforms

A must do task for any brand or individual with an online presence. Claim your username even if you aren't present on the social platform right now. It will pay off for your brand at a later date, whether you become active or if you need to tackle impersonators.

Task: Claim your username on new (or unused) social media platforms


6 September: Review your passwords

Take some time to check if any of your passwords have been compromised. If they are all looking safe and secure don't get too comfortable, take a read of our Blog on how to create secure passwords.

Task: Read our blog on how to keep your passwords secure


7 September: Take a free social media course

Who doesn't love learning a new skill. Companies like Google and Hubspot offer free courses and resources to help you up-skill and learn new tricks. Google offers a whole range of content in their Digital Garage suite, and Hubspot has a similar platform called Hubspot Academy. Take a browse to learn at your own pace.


8 September: Refresh your digital identity

No, not create an alias or create an account for your weekend alter ego. This is about being current and updating any old information on your social media accounts. Staying current, refreshing your profile picture, and contact information is key to indicate to your audience that you are still active on each platform.

Task: Remove your three year old profile photos and update your profile bios.


9 September: Discover a new podcast

Take time out to enjoy a new podcast, give your ears a treat. It's time to explore your go to podcast listening platform to seek out a new subscription.

Our recommendations are Nudge Podcast and Have You Got 5 Minutes?,two excellent picks for those working in marketing and communications.

Task: Subscribe to a new podcast today


10 September: Plan a social media meet up

It is always important to keep in contact with your fellow colleagues on social media. You could arrange a physical gathering (it doesn't need to be straight away), plan a virtual meeting, or simply set up a Twitter chat to share ideas.

Task: Plan a meet up, have something to look forward to


11 September: Set your social media KPIs

Keeping an eye to the future is so important for the growth of your social accounts. That is why we are challenging you to shoot for an ambitious goal for your social accounts. Check out this Falcon guide for some inspiration.

Task: Set your social media KPIs for the next 12 months


12 September: Up your Alt-text game

If you don't have a visual impairment, you may not be aware of alt-text. It is critical for people who are visually impaired so that they can experience social media images.

Task: Read our Alt-text blog to understand the ins and outs of being a better accessibility champion.


13 September: Watch an informative webinar

The internet is jam packed with incredible free webinars for you to consume at your own leisure. For example, Falcon has a whole collection of incredible social media focused webinars.

Task: Browse Falcon's incredible catalogue of free webinars


14 September: Complete an audit

Take a step back and evaluate your performance on social media. It is important to understand what is working across your accounts, especially if you want to maximise time spent on content creation. Collecting data about your most popular posts, followers and key words is essential to the future growth of your digital presence. Whether you use paid tools or free resources, there's plenty of advice and guidance out there to support your audit.

Task: Take a look at Buffer's social media audit guide.


15th September: Pick up a new book

As an individual, it is crucial to constantly learn and absorb information. That is why today's task is all about starting something new. Take a look at Hootsuite's top 10 social media and marketing books to see which book takes your fancy.

Task: Reading is fun! Just 30 minutes a day will help you destress and potentially provide a piece of knowledge.


16th September: Craft some compelling content

Today is about ensuring your content stays fresh and original. This task is all about evaluating what you post. Be sure to refresh how you post, try to avoid constantly using corporate jargon. Your content should resonate with your audience and connect with them on a personal level.

Task: Try to avoid over using corporate language


Coming soon...17 to 30 September tasks


Need some help completing your tasks? Contact us to find out how Neon Caffeine can help you to supercharge your social.

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