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5 times we stanned Alexa Heinrich aka @HashtagHeyAlexa

Here is the second instalment our new blog series, social media experts we stan. This week we are taking notes and listening hard to Alexa Heinrich.

She's also launched a fantastic new website, Accessible Social. Go check it out.

Headshot of Alexa Heinrich. She is looking towards the camera and is wearing a green top and a necklace with an octopus pendant

Who is Alexa Heinrich?

Alexa Heinrich is the Social Media Manager for St. Petersburg College (SPC) in Florida where she oversees the college’s numerous social media accounts and blogs.
She is a passionate advocate for creating accessible and inclusive content for social media and has presented educational webinars on the subject to several different organisations including Harvard University, John Deere, GoFundMe, and the Great Lakes ADA Center.

Five Neon Caffeine Favourites

Follow Alexa on Twitter at @HashtagHeyAlex


Nominate someone we should stan in future blog posts, get in touch.


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