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5 times we stanned Jenny Li from MIT in February 2022

We can't get enough of Jenny's straightforward social media advice, it's always on point. So much so we've dedicated this blog post to her.

Jenny Li Fowler standing in a park area with trees.

Who is Jenny Li Fowler?

Jenny Li Fowler is the director of social media strategy at MIT. She is in charge of developing and executing institute-wide social media initiatives and campaigns. She provides social media consultation and direction for more than 200 departments, labs, and centers; and manages the Institute’s flagship Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. She also leads the MIT Social Media Working Group which has more than 180 members.

Five February Favourites

Jenny's tweets speak for themselves, so enjoy our pick of five favourites from her Twitter timeline.

Follow Jenny on Twitter at @TheJennyLi


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