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Getting the Right Social Media Tools in Place Saves Time (and budget)

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It sounds an obvious one, but spending time to ensure you have the right social media tech stack and services in your social media toolkit can save SO much time and money when it comes to delivering your strategy.

Too often, procurement processes risk coming up with unrealistic check lists, focusing on functionality over business challenges, and lack clarity over what might best suit the team, its strategy and skill set. Which doesn’t really set you off to a great start.

Neon Caffeine has worked on numerous projects where doing the legwork upfront paves the way for a more effective procurement process and ultimately a better success story.

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Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

Our main tips for getting it right include;

  • Reviewing your strategy and prioritising what aspects you need an agency/provider for

  • Assess what’s on the market as well as your existing providers

  • Identify what skills you have in house and what adds value to your team

  • Develop a tech stack to outline your software options to help analyse pro’s and con’s of different approaches or combinations available to you.

All of this will help you to reach a realistic position before you undertake a procurement process. It’s rare to find the perfect solution that answers every issue – there is usually some form of compromise.

Going into the process knowing what the compromises might be however, will really help you to understand which ones you’re more willing to undertake. This will also allow you to get off to a better start with your final choice, as you’ll have done the work to understand what potential limitations may exist.

Neon Caffeine recently did a project with Universitat Oberta de Catalunya which tackled this very challenge. You can read the case study here.

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