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Meet our latest four-legged team member

A yellow labrador puppy sat on a wood floor looking at the camera

Our latest team member, Radnor, has completed his first week at Neon Caffeine HQ.

He's now eight weeks old and is a yellow Labrador. Radnor is in training to be a guide dog and will live with Rob for 12 months.

Radnor is 12/10 a good boy and has already mastered the sit command, and knows his way to the staff toilet.

After his induction is complete, he'll be taking up the role of Chief Happiness Officer at Neon Caffeine (alongside his training). His social media training involves posing for his Instagram account, @guide_dog_puppy.

A yellow labrador puppy playing tug of war with a red squirrel rope toy.
Radnor playing tug of war in his break time

In 2021, Radnor hopes to join the Neon Caffeine team on site with our clients. It's a perfect opportunity for him to experience new environments as part of his guide dog training.

Yellow Labrador puppy stood on a wood floor, looking at the camera while wearing a brown leather collar.
Radnor posing with his new collar

We're fundraising

We've set ourselves a fundraising challenge to raise £2,500 to Name a Puppy who we hope will go on to be a future guide dog.

The amazing news is that so far we've already raised over £900, only another £1,600 to go. 💷

If you're able to make a contribution towards our target, hit the donate button below.

Donations made via this route are eligible for Gift Aid, increasing the overall amount their receive. Whether it's a £1 or more, each and every donation is appreciated.

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