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Self care hacks: the HESM edition

Three stone statues with hilarious facial expressions, covered in moss.
'Drama', 'confusion' and 'not today bitch' aka statues found at the Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali

When you're next having a bad day and it's time to step away from your desk, this blog is for you.

We spoke to five fantastic colleagues from the higher education social media community to ask what they do to bring a little bit of self care into their daily routine.

Dan Marrable, 448 Studio

Not necessarily a life hack but needing to take the dog on a walk is a good excuse to get away from my desk every day. Nothing motivates you to get outside like a whining dog! When you're out there try to force yourself to ignore you phone and just take the time for yourself.

Trina Everall, Stori

When I know I need a break I will go and annoy my cat. He's usually sleeping during the day so it's the perfect time to lean in for a nuzzle without him running away. Watching him twitch while he sleeps and playing with his paws (again only possible in deep sleep!) is like a tonic when I have a busy brain. I'm totally a dog person...

Alexa Heinrich, Accessible Social and Sippin Social Tea

I’m a big fan of letting nature calm me. If I’m feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and just need a moment or two away from my computer, I’ll step outside and soak up a few minutes of sunshine. I almost always feel better after spending time outside.

Robyn Slingsby, The Open University

Three things for me…
I grab the dog and head out for some fresh air, whatever the weather. It’s not always fun when it’s raining but I’m hopefully grabbing some vitamin D, stretching my legs, blowing cobwebs away and keeping the dog happy too. It’s good thinking time too, but I try to veer away from the negatives and focus on the good to lift my mood.
I take a break and whack something in the slow cooker for dinner. Good distraction from the screen and helps ensure the family are fed at the end of the day – one less thing to think about later and do in a rush.
I head to my ‘analogue desk’. Sometimes the best work means stepping away from the screen and brainstorming/planning/organising using old fashion coloured pens and paper.

Alex Wedderburn, Hootsuite

For me, despite it not being cost efficient, I do it every day because it is a treat to myself and knowing it is a treat makes it so much better. So I get up, get my coat on and walk about 5 mins down the road to a small locally owned coffee shop and I buy myself that iced oak milk latte every time, without music, so I have time to think and be alone with my thoughts and that change of scenery and way of thinking makes such a difference to me.

And as for the Neon Caffeine team, well we've taken advantage of borders reopening. Morgan has been throwing himself down the slopes and I'm currently living the digital nomad life in Bali, annoying everything with my travel Reels.

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