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TikTok: 4 red flags for results day 🚩

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

We all know by now that TikTok isn’t just about dancing videos, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with any old content on the platform. Adjusting your campaign content to fit in is key to your success.

Over the next few weeks university applicants are going to be bombarded with messaging across all social media platforms.

Ask yourself, what if your results day/week/month content never even mentions what places are still available? What if you focus on creating content in response to the videos created by applicants?

Here are our 4 red flags, powered by insights from Viral Moment, to keep in mind when you’re creating content this month.

A repeated pattern of red flags

1: Perfecting the POV

Do you even speak TikTok or have management consigned your content to corporate babble? With an ever evolving language on the platform, have you stopped to think if your content is speaking to your audience?

TikTok’s ‘Tokumentary’ explores creativity, lingo you need to know, and much more.

If you’re not creating content with your audience at the forefront, you run the risk of entering your flop era.

We’re giving the University of Leicester a green flag ✅ for their Clearing TikTok. It’s simple, to the point and uses a popular audio.

2: Unaware and Unprepared

If your TikTok sleuthing skills aren’t up there with Sherlock Holmes, there’s a chance you’re in the dark about your audience's concerns right now.

Here’s a good example of what applicants preparing for results day are sharing. Have you prepared for questions that might arise from this or other exam related issues?

We discovered this video from the #alevels2022 tag but they have used a range of niche tags, while utilising a popular audio for their voiceover.

3: It’s not me, it’s you

Don’t assume they want you, applicants are using TikTok to discover many more opportunities for their future. We love this story from @folkertbowler.

How switched on are you to your competitors and the other options applicants are considering?

This creator shared his story on the #ucas2022 hashtag.

4: You missed the influencer boat

Word of mouth marketing for the modern era. Influencers play an integral role when it comes to content creation on TikTok. Their success lies in their authenticity, something many brand videos on the platform fail to crack.

Mary Grace offers her advice to applicants who send in their dilemmas. She also appears to be working with IQ Student Accommodation, further demonstrating her higher ed credentials to her audience.

Mary Grace understands the hashtags best suited to her niche. She’s relatable and selects the selfie video style to be personable to her audience.

Turning red flags 🚩 into green flags ✅

It’s never too late to adjust your TikTok campaign. It might seem like a busy week but the success of some videos comes from being reactive and jumping on the latest trend or audio.

Carve out some of your day to increase your screen time and scroll on TikTok, digging down into the university related niches. And if you’re short on time or you just need to put your phone down, give us a shout.

Our insights are powered by Viral Moment, a social listening tool designed around TikTok and our latest social listening partner. Ask us for more information on how you can be gaining insights for your brand.


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