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Neon Caffeine x University of Glasgow: Brandwatch case study

An aerial view of the University of Glasgow's historic building with the Glasgow skyline in the background and green trees in the foreground
Image credit: University of Glasgow

Are you ready to see how the University of Glasgow leverages the power of social listening? We’re thrilled to share Brandwatch's latest case study, on how we've been working with the University to deliver a bespoke social listening service, fit for the best in higher ed.

What’s the buzz?

In this insightful case study, you’ll discover how the University of Glasgow has harnessed the innovative capabilities of Brandwatch to:

  • Boost Engagement: Learn how they managed to increase their interaction with prospective students, alumni, and the wider community.

  • Enhance Reputation: See the strategies employed to monitor and improve their online presence and reputation.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Understand how real-time social data can inform and shape impactful marketing and communication strategies.

Why you should read it

This case study is a must-read for anyone interested in the power of data-driven marketing. Whether you're a marketing professional, an academic, or just curious about the latest trends in social media strategy, there's valuable insights and practical takeaways.

At Neon Caffeine, we're passionate about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in digital marketing. This partnership with the University of Glasgow is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive real-world results.

Get inspired

Imagine being able to:

  • Quickly identify and respond to trending topics relevant to your audience.

  • Monitor your brand’s health and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Drive engagement through targeted, data-informed content.

The University of Glasgow has done it, and now you can learn how to do it too.

Ready to Dive In?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your social listening game.

Head over to the Brandwatch website to read the full case study now: University of Glasgow Case Study and then get in touch to explore your own bespoke higher education package with the Neon Caffeine team.


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