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Social Media Audits

We know that keeping control of your social footprint can be difficult, particularly when you don’t have the time to carry out an audit in the first place. It’s very easy for your social media audit to drop down the priority list as other demands land on your desk.


An audit gives you a clearer picture of your social media footprint, which in some cases can run into thousands of profiles. Conducting an audit gives you the opportunity to develop a roadmap to tackle issues such as naming conventions, incorrect use of brand logos, and tackling dormant or impersonation accounts.


What our audits cover


We’ll audit your social media footprint across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


In our audits, we aim to filter the accounts we find by groups including sub-brands (departments, faculties, etc.), staff, students, alumni, and Student’s Union. We have found that this helps our clients to focus on the social media accounts they can influence.


What will you receive after an audit?


Each of the audits we run will be personalised to the university we are working with. However, you can expect to receive an audit report which will include:


  • A set of spreadsheets detailing the social media accounts we have discovered, sorted by platform

  • For Twitter, data on when accounts were last active to help determine potential accounts for closure

  • Recommended actions

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