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Social Media Training 

We know that staying up to date with the latest developments, tools and ideas in social media can seem challenging.


Our tailored training sessions ensure you and your team get what you need from them, whether it’s an overview of the latest channels and trends, or something specific to a project or issue you’re dealing with. 

What we offer

We’ll work closely with you to adapt the training session to your needs. Typically, our training covers the following areas;


  • The latest in social: what the key channels are, trends and content, and best practice

  • Social strategy: develop a strategy including how to measure and evaluate. 

  • Content development: focused sessions on content types, video and editing

  • Advertising: organic and paid, how to create an ad, evaluate success.


How does it work

We can deliver sessions in person or virtually and we can advise you on the content and duration, depending on what you wish to cover and the size of the group. 

Contact us now and let us know what you’re looking for. 

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