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Don't Just Listen: 3 Ways To Get More From Your Social Listening Platform

Social listening platforms are essential for anyone working in Social Media, Communications, or Marketing within Higher Education.

They let you stay up to date with online mentions of your school, ensure your content resonates with the audience, keep up with emerging crises, and track the effectiveness of your campaigns. But these traditional applications of Social Listening only scratch the surface of what’s possible with a platform like Brandwatch for Education. Here are three ways you can get the most out of your investment and add value throughout your university.

1 - Capture Real-Time Feedback From Students

Brandwatch for Education lets you understand what students really think about your school, competitors, and higher education industry. We segment online data by over 450 categories, letting you zoom in on conversations about topics like mental health, diversity, job placement, and more. By analyzing mentions through these lenses, you can understand the various student needs and which you’re meeting (or not), ultimately improving student experience.

Chart showing Student Success and Wellness Topics by Volume
Student Success and Wellness Topics by Volume

2 - Refine Recruitment Campaigns

With the constantly evolving education environment, it can be difficult to predict how recruitment, admission, and enrolment will look in the coming academic year. Brandwatch provides an industry-wide perspective to help you understand how students across the UK are talking about going to university. By analyzing the conversations of potential applicants across social media and college forums, you can understand what questions they’re asking and what’s most important to them, ensuring your university’s admissions process attracts the best talent.

Word cloud showing Prospective Student Considerations - Top Hashtags, Locations, Organisations, People, and Phrases
Prospective Student Considerations - Top Hashtags, Locations, Organisations, People, and Phrases

3 - Understand What Your Alumni Care About Beyond Your School

Before, the only information you had about your alumni came from when they were students. With Brandwatch for Education, you're able to analyze their conversations in real-time to understand what’s important to them now. With this information, you can align your communication efforts to meet them where they are, increasing engagement and helping them stay connected to your school.

Collection of charts depicting audience demographics
Audience demographics

The data and insights a platform like Brandwatch provides help you answer specific questions and solve pointed problems across your institution. In addition to those listed above, there are a broad range of other applications including benchmarking your online performance against competitors, analyzing industry trends, and managing your brand to ensure you beat your competition.

Want to know more about social listening?

Speak with the team at Neon Caffeine to explore how your university can make the most out of social listening.

About our guest blogger

Kristen Seaman is a Higher Education Specialist at Brandwatch. She is a Business Administration and English Literature graduate of the State University of New York College at Geneseo.

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