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Have you got 5 minutes?

Neon Caffeine's founder Rob Armstrong-Haworth appears on the podcast 'Have you got 5 minutes', hosted by Harriet Small and Rebecca Roberts.

In this episode Rob unloads his years of expertise about how to make social media work for you. The discussion ranges from how to develop your personal social media account to developing your businesses account. Focusing specifically about growing social accounts outside of your sector, creating the tools to tackle fake accounts and how to brand yourself.

Season 2 of Have You Got 5 Minutes? Is hosted by Harriet Small and Rebecca Roberts, produced by Dave Musson, Mustard Yellow Media, and brought to in partnership with Nextdoor.

Follow the link to listen on your favourite podcast app:

Find Rebecca:

Linkedin: Rebecca Roberts


Podcast: The Hear It podcast

Find Harriet:

Linkedin: Harriet Small

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