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We're expanding, want to join us?

We're experiencing a period of growth here at Neon Caffeine, and we're seeking to expand our pool of social media professionals aka the Neon Caffeine Collective.

A shop window with a blue neon sign with the words 'What is your story?'

Are you an existing social media professional wanting to take on a little extra work as a side hustle?

Are you a freelancer seeking additional projects?

Maybe you're looking to step into something new and expand your portfolio of experience.


We're keen to hear from individuals who have experience as a social media assistant or social media manager, or similar roles.


You'd be working on campaigns and supporting tasks including:

  • Content creation

  • Scheduling and posting content

  • Ensuring content is accessible (alt-text, captioning, etc.)

  • Coordinating project boards and monitoring progress against deadlines

That's just a flavour of what you might be asked to undertake.


Rates of pay range from £150 - £250 per day (one day = 7 hours).

Typical projects would require availability of 1 - 3 days across a fixed period of time, ranging from 2 - 6 months.

Projects often come with flexibility to deliver work around other commitments, while still meeting our client deadlines.


About the Neon Caffeine Collective

We launched Neon Caffeine Collective to connect our clients with experts we trust and know will bring a wealth of expertise.

We collaborate on projects, combining our collective skills to deliver the best for our clients.

One collective, many experts.


Click the button below to share your information with us.

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