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Why are you so scared of TikTok?

It will come as no surprise to social media managers that some leaders fear TikTok and how its content could damage brand reputation. Only recently at our TikTok workshop we heard how red tape and ‘management fear’ can stifle creativity, or even worse see the brakes applied hard to anything resembling engaging content.

But why? We explore 3 reasons why senior management are scared of TikTok.

1 - I’m in the dark about our TikTok audiences

We’re well past TikTok being an exclusive platform for Gen Z users, so let’s consign that myth to the bin. What’s more important is getting to grips with how different audiences consume content or use the app.

In other words, one size well and truly does not fit all when it comes to TikTok.

You’re going to need to find your brand’s niche, and that might mean content fits outside of your current vision for your brand.

If your brand wants to attract a younger audience, factor in that they use the app for more than entertainment. There’s a growing trend around news discovery, replacing traditional search methods, and learning with the popular #LearnOnTikTok tag.

2 - But what about our reputation

“We can’t post content like that, we’re a research intensive university”

“I’m not sure that content aligns with our brand message”

Your reputation will take a bigger hit on TikTok if you’re not creating audience and platform specific content.

TikTok is not a platform to apply traditional brand guidelines to, you need to innovate to stay ahead of your competition. We’re not saying ditch the guidelines but ask yourself, are they fit for audiences you’re aiming to target?

If you go down the route of publishing generic content across your social media accounts, your audience will switch off. There are many ways to tell your brand story without the need for trending dance moves. But you do need to adapt to a new way of telling your story.

3 - I don’t have time to learn about TikTok

The further up the management ladder you rise, the less likely you are to have time to keep abreast of the latest social media developments. We can sympathise with leaders who will no doubt have gaps in their digital marketing knowledge. But that’s why you hire social media experts, who will no doubt have a better understanding of your intended audience.

As well as hiring experts, you do need to trust them. They will have a greater understanding of the audience, the content they enjoy consuming, and how to create this type of content.

It won’t always fit with your understanding of marketing but does that make it unfit for your brand?

What now…

If you’re truly passionate about your brand being on TikTok, it’s time to loosen the reins and watch your team’s creativity flourish.

If it helps calm the nerves, why not work with your team to set up some SMART objectives for your TikTok campaigns. Determine what success would look like from all sides, and use it as a learning experience.


If you’re keen to decipher how TikTok can improve your brand awareness or you’re keen to get a better understanding of audience insights, why not sign up for a virtual coffee with us.

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