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The Challenge 


To underpin its new social media strategy, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya identified a need for customised expertise to inform its operational plan and use of technology. They needed to inform their process, improve their market knowledge and to brief procurement in order to identify the right solutions to achieve their goals. 


They appointed Neon Caffeine to; 

  • Recommend a social media tech stack best suited for their technology ecosystem needs

  • Gather initial pricing estimations

  • Identify which providers best meet the University’s strategic needs

Our Approach


We reviewed the strategy, current tools and attributes of providers in the market, taking care to align this specifically to the University, its core priorities and what aspects worked for now as well as in the near future. 



Neon Caffeine provided a customised profile of the priorities that the tech stack solutions needed to address, meeting the budget, the teams’ priorities and skills, and how solutions could support the new social media strategy. 

Rather than procurement based on product features, Neon Caffeine could stress test solutions through insight on different options and combinations with the team and strategy in mind. This ensured that the team; 

  • Saved time

  • Informed the procurement process

  • Maximised value from prospective providers

In the client's words


Neon Caffeine brought their expert technology knowledge to this project, providing us with a clear understanding of the options available to us and what to look for. It’s difficult to stay on top of the latest technology, and their help has helped us to develop our operational plans and next steps in procuring the most appropriate tool for our social media strategy. 


Inés Teresa-Palacio, Deputy General Manager

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